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All About Stressless Eco Friendly Tours

Stressless Eco Friendly Tours is the leading eco tour on Caye Caulker.  Our goal is to share the grandeur of the Great Barrier Reef with minimal impact to the environment.  Keith, owner and guide, has over 20 years of experience in the snorkeling (marine) industry, and proudly started Stressless Eco Friendly Tours six years ago. Keith’s experience working for other snorkel company’s showed him the negative impact we can have on the environment in many ways.  It was important for Keith to start a company that cared about the environment and the impact we have on the reef and surrounding ecosystem. Keith is also involved with friends of Swallow Caye Manatee Sanctuary, an organization that protects the endangered manatee.

Globally recognized by Lonely Planet and a 5 star rating with Trip Advisor with over 550 reviews, and voted in the top 10% in the world for tour operators in the world, is a testament to our happy clients.

We encourage only reef safe sunscreen.  Regular sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which cause the bleaching of the coral.

We do not feed the sea life.  Marine animals are wild and feeding wild animals results in decreased fear of humans and dependence.  Our skilled guides provide you an up-close experience without disturbing the marine life.

We minimize our waste and avoid single use plastic.  No water bottles here. We use large water containers and reusable cups.  Our lunches are packed in biodegradable waxed paper and reusable containers that we compost on our property.  

We do not harass the marine animals.  We are visiting their home are passionate about preserving this environment and in doing so we have to respect mother nature and all her creatures.

Our guides have in depth knowledge about the ecosystem and biology of the sea life here in Caye Caulker and the inland tours all over Belize.  You will leave with head and heart full of understanding and love for this beautiful place.

Going green is not always more expensive.  Our tours are better priced than our competitors, and you are booking with a company knowing that you are contributing to the change that must happen all over Belize, in order to preserve our reef for many generations to come.  We must maintain conservation, preservation, and sustainability and as a company lead by example as a pioneer in the snorkel business of ecotourism.

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